Remind yourself why you are here.
Less pain, less worries, less stress.
Heal yourself, be happy when surrounded by insanity.
Side effects: more energy, healthy food habits and melting sex-life.

Nordre Frihavnsgade 13, 2100 Østerbro

  • HOT class ( THE HOT serie ) : Yoga in around 38 to 40 degrees
  • WARM YIN Class: Yin yoga  around 28 degrees.    Read more in danish:   HVAD ER YIN ?
  • Infrared heating…. around 39 degress,  44% humidity.   Turn the sweat on.....yes.
      • Your first time then arrive 15 min. before class starts.
      • No food 2 hours before class but drink a lot of water.
      • You can also rent towel and mat ( 10 kr ) or buy mat ( 300 kr ) and towel ( 150 kr ) from us.
      • Read more about FIRST TIME.
          • Less is more, we are not a luxury wellness center. 
          • Humbleness, modesty, humility and serving others is guiding us and sometimes money, greed, fame, sex and a power trips are taking over.
          • That is why we do yoga.
          • Prices  until 31 of August will  be  80 kr for drop in for members.

            Drop in prices for non members is 150 kr.

            If you like to be a member  
            ( and pay 80 kr each time )  you can prepay right away now for September, October and November

            We like you to come every day without interruption. Bring along your doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist,
                   psychologist, nutritionist, and pharmacist  for free.

          • You can also rent a mat and towel ( 10 kr ) or buy mat ( 300 kr ) and towel ( 150 kr ) from us.  We have showers as well.
          • In our shop you can buy ONZIE garments and MANDUKA mats and Ariel slings ( 590 kr )  and bloks ( 50 kr ) and bolsters ( 200 kr )
          Ivy, Laura, Stine, Louise, Ai chin and Vidhi