We practice a serie of around 33 different postures in 39 degrees.
 ( sometimes  only 32 degress and we call it WARM )

The  Earth Serie is a mixture of Hatha, Astanga and Vinyasa yoga postures composted to positive influence every parts of your body including arms, chest and upper body within 75 minutes of practice. The class is challenging but accessible to everyone from beginners to more advanced no matter what age.

Benefits :
  1. Slowly you will realize your body is different everyday, every moment. All depending on the time of the day, your mood and your stress level of the day. Your sleep the nights before and the food you have been eaten.
  2. But even better, you will notice that you slowly improve everything around your breathing, your body and your life. Get you sweat on....sweat is fat.   
  3. During your practice, you will, overtime, get into a state of moving meditation without judging yourself, your fellow yogis, the teacher, the postures, the room or anything else coming from your monkey mind. Just breathe.
  4. Do not expect instant  benefits, instead try to come very often within 3 weeks and  the healing will for sure begin.

Our infrared heating panels creates beneficial electromagnetic waves, which goes directly into your bones, blood circulation and muscles, causing numerous advantages such as
  • releasing pain,
  • increasing blood circulation,
  • eliminating tocsins,
  • burning calories,
  • restoring joint issues,
  • calming the nerves, and
  • improving skin beauty.
The infrared heating panels are powered by environmental friendly certified ocean windmill electricity. 

Email again:

“Do your practice and all is coming”.

This may very well be one of the most popular quotes in yoga. It was said by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, in Mysore, India.

Having a regular practice can be difficult and we can be very good at coming up with excuses why we can't get on the mat. Sometimes the biggest struggle is making it to the class, no? That being said, to receive maximum benefits from yoga, we need to have a regular practice. There is no way around that.

Every day your body is different and it even changes throughout the day from when you wake up and until the time you go to sleep. Your level of energy changes during the day and as such every time we show up on the mat it will be slightly different. This makes it a very individual practice and it becomes crucial that we learn to stay in the present moment and listen to our body and our breath to know the state of our body.

If we are unable to concentrate while practicing, we are unable to stay present and as such lose the connection between the mind, body, and the breath.

By practicing the same sequence regularly, we are able to stay present. We practice without expectations and with a sense of non-attachment to the outcome, whether it is good or bad, whether we fall out of a pose or nail a handstand.

The level of your practice is not how flexible you are or how strong you are, but rather how focused you are during your practice and your level of devotion. Advanced postures don't necessarily mean advanced yogis. Instead of showing up with expectations and a sense of needing to be somewhere in a pose, we adopt a certain acceptance as to where our body is at that particular moment. As many of us are goal-oriented in several aspects of our lives, this can create a conflict internally. We need to learn how to shift our focus from "doing-having-being" to "being-doing-having."

Yoga is about growth. It is about making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. Yoga is learning about yourself, your body and your mind. It is about living comfortably in YOUR body. You don't have to believe anything or follow anyone to receive the benefits from yoga. You just have to show up for yourself on your mat and do it regularly.

So set all the excuses aside and just show up on the mat, listen to your body and practice without expectations and everything else will fall into place.

See you in class.

Much love,