Dear members and friends of Østerbro Yogaforening,
Hope you all can handle the heat – both inside our studio and outside! We are so happy to see that many of you still come to our yoga classes even though the weather might tempt you to stay outside
After having held bestyrelsesmøde two weeks ago and the extraordinary bestyrelsesmøde on Wednesday, 6 June, we have some new initiatives and information, which we hope will be useful and interesting for you and your training here at Østerbro Yogaforening:
  1. New Bestyrelsesformand
  2. Summer classes & Special Summer Deal
  3. Payments for June & membership info
  4. Morning classes
  5. Cleaning day – 16 June
  6. Living Yolates Workshop – 17 June
  7. Warm water tank
  8. Feedback & Suggestions

1. Changes to the Bestyrelse – and new helpers?

Georges Salgi has done a tremendous job as our Bestyrelsesformand, but he has chosen to pass on the torch. We are happy to announce that Louise Hørberg is taking over as Bestyrelsesformand!
We also have a new board member, as Christina Vegge has joined the Bestyrelse.
Welcome, Louise and Christina! As a forening, we are grateful for all of the extra energy that you as members of the co-operative are putting in – it makes all the wheels go round – and we really appreciate that Louise and Christina have stepped up.
If any of you would like to give a helping hand to the forening, we’re always looking for students to help out with reception, or perhaps you have a knack for snapping pictures for Instagram and posting to Facebook. We’re also hoping there’s a WordPress-whiz (or someone keen to learn!) who can help build our new website.
If you would like to make your mark on the forening, be a bigger part of the community and hone your skills in social media or websites, this is a great way to do so! Give us a shout-out if any of the above might be something for you.

2. Summer classes & Special Summer Deal

We know that many of you travel to exotic destinations over summer, but some of you might also stay here in Denmark – and maybe do some yoga to get real “zen’ed out”. Yoga and vacation truly is the best combination, true story .
We’ll have at least eight classes every week during the summer, meaning lots of opportunities to get your sweat on or peace out with a yin yoga session. The summer schedule will start on Monday, 2 July.
In line with the summer schedule, we have a special summer deal where you can get unlimited yoga for 800 DKK in July and August. If you have an unlimited membership already, you will only pay 800,- for the two months instead of 490,- per month. You commit yourself to both months. You will be able to choose this special deal and pay for it within the membership system soon.
If you have a klippekort, you still jump on this deal! You can “freeze” your clip card during July and August to take advantage of this special offer and “unfreeze” it again in September.

3. Payments for June & membership info

We’ll be sending out invoices for June payments later in the month – so don’t panic about not having paid yet! The invoices will come from our membership new system (ForeningLet) and you’ll be able to pay them online. We’re hoping this will make the process a lot easier and smoother for everyone.
Don’t worry, you can still practice in June if you haven’t paid yet!
If you haven’t already logged in to our new membership system to select your membership type and ensure that your information is correct, please do so! Simply refer to the info mail that came to your inbox at the beginning of June for your log in details.

4. Rise and shine – and yoga!

First of all: thank you to the early birds, who rise out of their comfy beds to join a morning yoga class! We are happy for the great reception the classes got in May, and we have, therefore, decided to continue classes on Wednesdays (at 6.30 with Malou) and Thursdays (at 7.00 with Tanya) through June!
We hope that more of you will join the classes – especially since the days and evening classes are soooo hot, making the morning warm classes much more attractive and bearable! Come join, we promise you won’t regret it  Mat and towel rental are included for the early morning classes so you don’t even have to lug your sweaty gear afterwards.

5. Cleaning day – 16 June

Join us for a deep clean of the studio on Saturday, 16 April from 12.00 to 14.00. Everyone is welcome as cleaning is always far more fun in a group! You can RSVP to this email or on the Facebook event:

6. Living Yolates Workshop – 17 June

Malou and Naya have a wonderful evening of movement in store from 18.00-20.00 on Sunday, 17 June!
Center yourself, strengthen your core and get your groove on as Naya and Malou guide you through a two hour workshop that blends yoga, pilates and dance. See more details about the Living Yolates Workshop at Østerbro Yogaforening on the Facebook event:

7. Colder showers for hotter days

We have learned that our warm water tanks are not working properly. Though this might not be a huge issue these days (the lukewarm water is actually quite nice after a hot yoga class on a warm day!), it still needs to be in order, so rest assured that it will be fixed ASAP!

8. We would love your feedback and suggestions!

It’s extremely important for Østerbro Yogaforening to be a community for all of us, and to be a place we all want to come. The board wants to know what you think about the experience of practicing yoga, so if you have a comment, suggestion or praise, we would love to hear from you: It may be wishes for hours, instructors or just feedback. If you have any comments – you’re more than welcome to reach out to us!
We look forward to seeing you at the Yogaforening and practicing together – and hopefully during summer! Stay warm and stay bendy!
With warmest regards,
Østerbro Yogaforening Board / Bestyrelsen i Østerbro Yogaforening