We are currently changing the yoga studio to a non profit organisation ( frivillig forening ). If you have passion for teaching HOT classes you are very welcome to step forward and see how you can join the non profit forening to grow slowly with more classes and more students and a sharing and a hopefully loving community.


HOT yoga :  Hatha yoga in 39 degrees.

WARM YIN  in about 28 degrees or  YIN yoga in room temperature (specially in the mornings bring ekstra socks and sweaters ) . We are holding the space with singing bowls ( sound healing ) , hands on, energy flow, myo-fascial release, yoga nidra and " silent " transformation.

 HATHA YOGA. ( or room temperature ) A practice focused on connecting the body and mind with the purpose of increasing awareness and stability, suitable for  students who want to increase their knowledge of the fundamental poses and alignment in yoga. 

WARM VINYASA.  Dynamic Vinyasa flow in about 33 degree. Everybody welcome and expect "move".

SINGING BOWLS WITH BODYWORK: Connecting  with your body by movements followed by singing bowls vibrations.  

Some feed back. This is what Amanda wrote about her yoga  journey :

  To be honest, I have never really taken care of my body. But in December last year, I decided to change this. I tried to start swimming, but I never had the motivation, so I thought that maybe I needed to do something completely different. That is, when I started practising hot yoga. The studio was close to my apartment and the first drop-in class was not that expensive – so why not?
I went to my first class – nervous and unprepared. And it felt like I was going to die. I felt weak. I felt sweaty. I felt so inflexible. After that first class, I thought: “Well, I am not going back there”, but when I woke up the next morning, my body felt different and relaxed.
Since then, I have been sweating at hot yoga classes once or twice a week and after 5 months, I had lost 12 kilos. My body looks and feels better, but that isn’t the biggest reward. The biggest reward is that I am learning to understand my body. I can sense, when it needs to be pushed with 75 minutes of the earth series – and I can feel, when it needs to be calmed down with yin yoga. I feel like a winner, whenever I can do tree pose with my leg a little higher up my thigh. I feel like a winner, when I can do an entire class without a break. I feel like a winner just because I show up to class

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