Saturday the 9th October 2021

Yin workshop with the five elements


We are so happy and thankfull to again being able to hos workshops, join this autumn's first
workshop at our studio already in October.

About the workshop

When 14:00-16:30
Price: 250DKK for members and 299DKK for non-members.
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Yin yoga with the 5 elements workshop wood, earth, water, fire and metal are the five elements
that the world builds upon in Chinese medicine. These elements arise from the yin and yang Qi (energy) that
generates life. Each element belongs to its own organ and its own meridian-line within the body.
In this two and a half hours workshop, we will focus on the yin Qi, and with the help of Yin yoga, allow the
Qi in us to undergo a transformation through the five elements. So join us for a calming and relaxing afternoon,
allowing yourself a little break from the outside world, and balance your yin energy from within.

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