We have gathered feedback from members of our community, so you can get an insider view on what it is like to be a part of Østerbro Yogaforening.

Sofie posted this on Facebook:

Been going for two years and it just keeps getting better. Warm and happy place.

This is what Amanda wrote about her yoga journey:

To be honest, I have never really taken care of my body. But in December last year, I decided to change this. I tried to start swimming, but I never had the motivation, so I thought that maybe I needed to do something completely different. That is, when I started practising hot yoga. The studio was close to my apartment and the first drop-in class was not that expensive – so why not?


I went to my first class – nervous and unprepared. And it felt like I was going to die. I felt weak. I felt sweaty. I felt so inflexible. After that first class, I thought: “Well, I am not going back there”, but when I woke up the next morning, my body felt different and relaxed.


Since then, I have been sweating at hot yoga classes once or twice a week and after 5 months, I had lost 12 kilos. My body looks and feels better, but that isn’t the biggest reward. The biggest reward is that I am learning to understand my body. I can sense, when it needs to be pushed with 75 minutes of the earth series – and I can feel, when it needs to be calmed down with yin yoga.


I feel like a winner, whenever I can do tree pose with my leg a little higher up my thigh. I feel like a winner, when I can do an entire class without a break. I feel like a winner just because I show up to class.

Kevser said:

Best Yoga place in town, Focus on mindfulness transforming yourself into a better person with a better physical shape.

Karina commented on Facebook (in Danish):

God energi og dygtige undervisere. En stor sal med plads til mange.
490,- for ubegrænset hot yoga er nok det billigste i Kbh.

Laura shares:

I’ve been doing hot yoga for about four years, and I’ve been a member at this studio for about 3 years. This studio have become my save haven, it is my favorite place to come – not only to practice but to be me. This space holds a community of beautiful souls and it has room for everyone at any time in their lives.


I’ve had my personal ups and downs in life during these 3 years and the amazing people at this studio are always ready with a smile, a hug and a great yoga class. You can be exactly who you are – and you are welcome! That is fantastic and so important to me. I do not stay at this studio only for the great classes, I stay because I feel like a part of a community, even though I might only take a class or two some months and other months I’ll take multiple classes a week. I can’t recommend this place enough!

From Kristele on Facebook:

I love this place and the teachers are wonderful, making your well-being a priority. I always feel the welcoming atmosphere when I go there, the room is spacious and clean and I really like the way yoga is taught there. It simply feels so good afterwards. Thank you to all the teachers I’ve met there! I’m slowly becoming a yoga-fan! 

Louise shares (in Danish):

Jeg har været syg med stress i over 1 år. Det var min psykolog, der foreslog mig, at jeg forsøgte mig med yoga. Jeg besluttede mig for at give det et forsøg og mit eneste formål var sådan set, at møde op med et åbent sind. Jeg har ikke fortrudt.


Udover at yinyoga giver mig en indre ro, så giver det mig fornyet energi, og jeg føler mig frisk og klar. Jeg har mærke, at det giver mig styrke, også i min daglige træning, hvor jeg kan mærke forbedringer. Jeg har piskesmæld og ryg- og knæskade, og jeg kan mærke at jeg bliver mere smidig og mange af smerterne formindskes eller helt forsvinder. Jeg bruger yinyoga som et mindfullness værktøj, jeg kan benytte mig af, når jeg føler mig stresset og har for mange tanker og for mange følelser, jeg ikke kan holde styr på. På en måde føler jeg mig faktisk afhængig.

Arendse (in Danish) shares:

Jeg vil bare sige, at jeg var til min første yin-yoga-time nogensinde i fredags, og det var det bedste, jeg nogensinde har prøvet. Simpelthen. Jeg blev trykket på de helt rigtige steder, og trukket i med den helt rigtige styrke, og jeg havde det som om jeg var blevet masseret grundigt i tre timer af en meget dygtig massør da jeg cyklede fra Østerbro.


Tusind tak!