Hatha with Tanya

My everyday morning yoga practice during quarantine ☀️🧘‍♀️ Element Fire 🔥 Keep focus on the middle section of the body.

Restorative with Laura

A restorative yin yoga class for better sleep – guided by Laura

Hatha with Aichin

A third hatha session with Aichin to focus on your mind and do something good for your body.

Vinyasa with Signe

A vinyasa flow with extra focus on split – guided by Signe

Hatha with Aichin

A second hatha class to bring your senses inwards and focus on your breath – guided by Aichin

Hatha with Ivy

Prepare for the weekend with Hatha flow from Ivy

Vinyasa with Aichin

Focus on your breath and movements in this vinyasa session – guided by Aichin.

Vinyasa with Martine

Bring your strong core back in this 60 minutes practice – guided by Martine

Hatha with Aichin

Remind yourself that you need time to focus on your mind and body – Hatha class guided by Aichin

Restorative with Ditte

Bring your mind and body down to earth in this restorative session – guided by Ditte.

Vinyasa with Aichin

Bring your mind and attention away from the daily life and into a vinyasa session – taught by Aichin.

Vinyasa with Ivy

Take some time to do something good for yourself – online vinyasa session with Ivy 🙂