When practicing yoga with us, there are a number of corona precautions you must take to ensure that we all stay safe and limit the virus in spreading.

Following guidelines apply: Wednesday 28th October – 22 November

1. If you have symptoms: Do not attend physical classes 🤒

If you experience corona symptoms; dry cough, fever, breathing issues, please do not attend our physical classes.

2. Use hand sanitizer and shower at home 💧

Please apply hand sanitizer when you enter the studio and frequently e.g. after class before entering the changing room again to reduce spread of infection.
Moreover, we have closed the showers until further notice.

3. Wear mask in reception area 😷

Please make sure to wear a mask when entering the studio and in the reception area. No mask is needed in the changing room and in Yoga room.

4. Book classes in advance – one class at a time 📆

Please make sure to book the classes you wish to attend. This ensures that we can control the number of people attending, and that we know who attended which classes in case we experience infection in our studio. As of now, we will limit the number of people in a class to 10, based on the current regulations

Due to limited space you can only book one class.  That means once you have joined the booked class you can book another class, not before. We do this to ensure that there is a chance for everybody to come to yoga once in a while.
You can benefit from using the mobile app for iOS or Android to manage bookings.

NB: Please note that if you do not show of up for a class that you have booked (without cancelling 3 hours before), you will be charged 100 kr. or 1 clip on your clip card.

5. Notify us if you are infected and have attended physical classes 📩

Please notify us at info@osterbroyoga.dk if you have corona, and have attended a physical class, where you might have had corona.

Thank you for helping us fight the infection and keeping our doors open.
Stay safe ❤