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Namaste and welcome!

We are so happy you found your way to our corner of the internet and to our yoga studio. Hot Yoga Studio by Østerbro Yoga Union was founded in 2013 (Back then we were not a union) by Ai Chin & Vidi. Both Ai Chin and Vidi have many years of yoga expirience and have lived all over the world, before they decided to open Hot Yoga Stuido. They both still teach at the studio but now we are a co-operative yoga community, in Danish that means we are a “yogaforening”.

Practically that means we help each other out, are driven by passion and volunteers, and that the studio isn’t about making money and being fancy, but all about being a safe place where you can calm your mind and spend some time with yourself and your body. It’s a no judging space for you and all of our community. 

Hot Yoga Studio s not a big fancy luxurious place, but a modest and calm place with a relaxed atmosphere – this helps us to keep our prices down.

We want to be an including space so all our classes are taught in english, by our experienced and competent teachers.
The teacher team is very diverse within how they teach, but will all guide you through the class with calm and knowledge. 

We can't wait to see you in the hot room!


Meet our teachers

Our studio is driven by volunteers and our teachers. We are a big team behind it all, and we are so grateful for all the help we get. 
Here you can meet our lovely teacher team and get to know them a little better.




Teaches: all kinds of yoga.

Teaching style: with each class focusing on different elements of yoga, we dive into all the corners of ourselves, even the ones that we tend to neglect. Traveling through challenging yoga flows with safety guidance and spiritual space, to experience the present moment, that yoga gives.

My favorite thing about yoga: My favourite thing about yoga, is how the practice has slowly gone from the mat, off the mat. How it has changed my perspective of the world and how it has become part of my life. Yoga has taught me so many things about myself, that I before yoga, never thought of as a possibility. It has given me a community which I feel truly connected to, long lasting friendships that otherwise wouldn’t have formed, and 

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Teaches: Vinyasa, Hatha, Slow-Flows

Teaching style: I believe deeply in the healing powers of movement, and am dedicated to spreading my knowledge and love of movement to anyone and everyone who is interested. 
In my class, everyone is welcome and you will find a dynamic flow in my Vinyasa practice which pays strong attention to alignment, which you'll enter into poses safely. In my Hatha practice, you will find a focus on drawing attention to your breath allowing your mind to come into a meditative state while physically working on connecting your joints, tendons and fascia.

My teaching style is alignment focused with a big emphasis on not taking anything too seriously (no-ego). If you leave my class feeling a little lighter and a little brighter, then I am honored to share my practice with you!

My favorite thing about yoga: Yoga contributes to a deeply healing journey leading me to the light and keeping me grounded. My practice helps me move through a difficult transition around my body image, anxiety and health throughout my battle against breast cancer and life.

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Teaches: vinyasa 

Teaching style: My teaching style is dynamic and power full. I love many styles of yoga when practicing myself, but when I teach, I love guiding into a practice where you somehow are forced to deal with your breath and need your focus. I am also drawn towards the contrast and balance of yin and yang and that might be why I like pushing the classes I teach. 

My favorite thing about yoga: The space and the energy you share in a practice with other people is my favorite aspect of yoga. The lockdowns have really taught me that the deepest level of my practice is not what I find within myself - I can go into myself and find that in so many different ways, but the energy boost that the breath and practice of fellow yogis gives me - that I cannot find that anywhere else.



Teaching: Yin

Teaching style: Coming soon

My favorite thing about yoga: coming soon


Ai Chin

Teaches: I teach hatha, vinyasa and yin

Teaching style: I like to bring all elements into the practice. I use clear instruction to help my students step into a more meditative state. I get to know my students fairly quickly, and build up the class that suits every student.

My favorite thing about yoga: I love yoga because it keeps me present, and in contact with my body and my breath.  It helps me to build a strength in me, not only physically, but also mentally. The joy yoga gives me is just a god sent.  



Teaches: Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin

Teaching style: I love teaching powerful, playful classes incorporating Pranayama techniques and interesting transitions. My goal for my students is to get into a meditative flow, listen to the breath and notice how they feel in each moment as they flow through different postures. 

My favorite thing about yoga: My favorite thing about yoga is that it is everlasting and continuous. It can be incorporated into all aspects of life, on the mat, but even more so off the mat. And there is so much to learn. I am a teacher but I will ALWAYS be a student first. I’m continuously learning and growing, and the more that I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know! Yoga keeps me humble and curious. And I get to know myself and the world around me even more as I grow. 

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Teaching: Everything and anything. I have course - and teaching experience in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin/Restorative, Prenatal - and Postnatal yoga.  

Teaching style: It varies depending on the style of yoga I teach (and also the mood I am in :) I love the dynamic, sweaty uplifting style, but at the same time making sure I connect to the yin side. I always try to balance my classes with both yin and yang, connection to mind, body, heart and soul. 

My favorite thing about yoga: The way it makes me feel during and after my practise. It balances me in life.



Teaching: Bikram

Teaching style: Coming soon

My favorite thing about yoga: coming soon




Teaching: Vinyasa 

Teaching style: Coming soon

My favorite thing about yoga: coming soon




Charlotte has several yoga educations behind her from 2013 Bikram, Restorative, Hatha, Yin and Mediyoga.

She educated nurse from 1997 and is studying to become nathuropath in 2021.

Charlotte likes to teach yoga with fokus on that bodyawareness  is an ancor for us all and that every yogabody is different.

Be a part of our community

We are not just a studio that offers yoga classes (but don't worry you can also just come for the classes!), we are a community of yogis who care about and support our shared space and practice. Join our yoga community by signing up through our membership system ForeningLet. Read how, here, follow us on social media here or sign up for the newsletter here.

Our union is an open “forening”, where everybody is welcome to join the board meetings, help shape the studio and pitch in with ideas for events and workshops. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have an idea.


Our board members is currently (anno 2021) :

– Ai Chin Lin Brorson
– Simone Luna Skovgaard
– Jane Brandt

Find our annual report here:

2018 annual report


Kula is a sanskrit word for "community" or “tribe.”
It's often used to descibe the inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated throughyogis coming together to practice yoga.


"It's not about being good at something. It's about being good to yourself."

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