All kinds, shapes
and minds are welcome

Namaste and welcome!

We are a minimalistic non-profit yoga studio. This means we only have what we need and if we have more we give back. At the moment we give back by supporting Plan Fonden with a sponsor child in India. 

To us, the main focus is to give our members a soft and mellow place to practice yoga. A space where you leave your ego by the door and practice with respect and compassion for your body. 


Hot Yoga Studio by Østerbro Yoga Union was founded in 2013 (Back then we were not a union) by Ai Chin & Vidi.
Both Ai Chin and Vidi have many years of yoga expirience and have lived all over the world, before they decided to open Hot Yoga Stuido. They both still teach at the studio but now we are a co-operative non-profit yoga community, in Danish that means we are a “forening”.

Practically that means we help each other out, are driven by passion and a big help from volunteers.

Our community is both local and a very international, so therefor is all of our classes are taught in english, by our experienced and competent teachers. The teacher team is very diverse within their teaching style, but will all guide you through the class with calmness and knowledge. 

We can't wait to see you in the hot room! If you aren't a member yet, you can join a drop in class for 200DKK. 


Meet our teachers

Our studio is driven by volunteers and our teachers. We are a big team behind it all, and we are so grateful for all the help we get. 
Here you can meet our lovely teacher team and get to know them a little better.




Teaches: all kinds of yoga.

Teaching style: with each class focusing on different elements of yoga, we dive into all the corners of ourselves, even the ones that we tend to neglect. Traveling through challenging yoga flows with safety guidance and spiritual space, to experience the present moment, that yoga gives.

My favorite thing about yoga: My favourite thing about yoga, is how the practice has slowly gone from the mat, off the mat. How it has changed my perspective of the world and how it has become part of my life. Yoga has taught me so many things about myself, that I before yoga, never thought of as a possibility. It has given me a community which I feel truly connected to, long lasting friendships that otherwise wouldn’t have formed, and 

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Teaches: hatha 

Teaching style: I always bring a very kind and grounding energy to my classes. I try to make space for however you’ve showed up on your mat today – helping you to show compassion for where your body and mind are. I like to teach very traditional Indian hatha classes but often I play around with mellow flowing sequences and transitions. To me, pranayama and shavasana is just as important as the asanas. It’s a spiritual practice and not a workout in my classes, but don’t worry you will still sweat and be challenged. 

My favorite thing about yoga: my favorite thing about yoga is how it have enabled connections in my life. Connections with the people in the community, with other women at my teacher training, and how it has fostered a deep connection to myself.


Ai Chin

Teaches: I teach hatha, vinyasa and yin

Teaching style: I like to bring all elements into the practice. I use clear instruction to help my students step into a more meditative state. I get to know my students fairly quickly, and build up the class that suits every student.

My favorite thing about yoga: I love yoga because it keeps me present, and in contact with my body and my breath.  It helps me to build a strength in me, not only physically, but also mentally. The joy yoga gives me is just a god sent.  



Teaching: hatha and yin yoga

Teaching style: My teaching style depends on which class I am teaching. In general I focused on the breath and how you can use it to your advantage. In hatha classes I like to focus on building strength, alignment and balance. And in yin yoga classes I emphasize on finding your own edge and practise mindfulness through breathing. 

My favorite thing about yoga: Yoga gives me mental og physical strength and that is something I take with me in other aspects of life. It is just a joy to teach and I hope to spread my passion for yoga to others.



Teaching: Morning Hatha

Teaching style: In my classes, it is important to me to create a safe space where we can share our energy with each other as a community. We will practice a calmer yoga, stay in asanas (yoga postures) for a bit and alternate between energetic and relaxation excercises.

My favorite thing about yoga: I think the great thing about yoga is that anyone can join in and adapt the practice to one’s needs and moods. Yoga has a very positive influence on my life and that‘s exactly what I want to share. So give yourself the gift of time, hop on the yoga mat and I‘ll see you in the studio. 



Teaches: Yin

Teaching style: My yin yoga classes are for everyone who’s looking to find a place for stillness. Yin yoga is a slow form of yoga, and this is likewise how I guide the classes. We’ll be using props like blankets and bolsters to get cosy and comfortable while working deeply into the connective tissue to release tension, stiffness, stress and blockages. My aim is always to create an atmosphere in the class that leaves room to be with and accept whatever this mindful and meditative practice brings up - whether that being strong sensations, emotions or a nap. My classes will likely be accompanied by a variety of soothing yin poses along with calming music and gentle hands on adjustments. 

My favorite thing about yoga: To know and teach that yoga goes beyond the physical practice. This is extremely evident when you practice yin yoga. You’re simply there to just be - to connect with your breathing and to find stillness. And that’s yoga too.




Teaching: Morning Yoga, Hatcha and Vinyasa

Teaching style: My teaching style is holistic and I like to build my yoga sequences around the elements, sometimes focusing on a specific element, chakra, or theme. I like to incorporate pranayama (breathwork) and I invite my students to set an intention.

My favorite thing about yoga: To me, Yoga is like returning back home, both into myself and into a feeling of oneness. It is to connect and be present with my breath and my body.
I strive to cultivate a focus on my breath through challenging poses and to bring this off the mat too: keeping my breath calm through life’s difficult moments.
It is about being present with what is and being able to quiet the distractions of the mind. It is also about moving the body, creating strength and space, and being grateful to be able to do so.




Teaching: Vinyasa, Hatcha

Teaching style: My personal yoga story began in 2019 after I moved to Copenhagen and was craving for a community and new connections and that’s how I stumbled into Hot Yoga Østerbro.

Fast forward to 2023 I became a certified yoga teacher and began teaching at the studio that became a second home to me.

Coming to my classes you can expect energetic Vinyasa flows and a fun environment, and with my background as a dancer, I teach with an eye for alignment and technique.




Teaching: Vinyasa

Teaching style: My classes incorporate powerful, creative sequences with thoughtfully curated music and a focus on linking breath and movement. I believe yoga is a practice that is personal, fluid and that every day is different - so I give my students the opportunity to embrace this in my classes by tuning into their own body and breath.  
I strive to cultivate a safe space for all levels and grounding yet uplifting energy in my classes.  I hope to see you there! 

My favourite thing about yoga: That it’s a practice - not something that needs to be perfect.  I love that when I get on my mat, it’s a moving meditation and a journey inward.  I truly believe yoga is a gift for not only the body, but also the mind - impacting how I view, react and exist in the world. 




Teaching: Hatha and Vinyasa

Teaching style:  My teaching style is all about accessibility and warmth, ensuring that everyone feels welcome on the mat. I love to infuse my classes with elements of Hindu mythology and spiritual concepts, paying homage to the deep roots of yoga.

My favorite thing about yoga:  For me, yoga goes beyond just the physical practice; it’s about delving into the profound connections between mind, body, and spirit. Back in Denmark from Costa Rica, I’m excited to continue sharing this journey with my students, creating a space where we can explore and grow together. Welcome to my classes, where we honor tradition while embracing the present moment.



Teaching: Hatcha, Yin, and Vinyasa

Teaching style: coming soon

My favorite thing about yoga: coming soon




Teaching: Hatha, Slow Flow and Vinyasa

Teaching style: I guide my classes in a relatively slow and steady pace, using clear and purposeful instructions. Focusing on alignment, I seek to guide you in and out of the asanas in a way that will work with your body and not against it. Throughout the class, I reserve space for sensory exploration and awareness training.

My favourite thing about yoga: For me, teaching is like telling a story with a rhythm anchored in my breath, my voice and my body. I enjoy the guidance and I love the sensation of reaching a state of unity with the students through that "story telling". I also love the brief moments of utter silence inside myself during class and when it happens in unity with others, I enjoy it even more.


Our philosohy

We aim to practice yoga in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere where everyone feel welcome.


We practice yoga for ourselves, but always with the highest respect for our fellow students and the teachers who guide us through the practice.

We have created these guidelines to help make Hot Yoga Studio a welcoming and peaceful space for all students, teachers, volunteers and other visitors. If you have any questions or feedback please message us at info@hotyogastudio.dk

Our philosohy

Arrive on time. 
Make sure you have enough time to arrive to the room with out rush. This way you are being mindful to the other students practise. So come at least ten minuttes before class. 

No phones.
Being present in your practice includes leaving your cell phone and bag either in the changerooms or the lockers next to the entrance.The changing room and reception area are locked during classes.

No shoes.
Take off your shoes at the entrance, so we can keep the studio clean.

Let the teacher know.
Let the teacher know if you have injuries or health issues. This way they know to look out for you during class and can suggest variations of flows and poses.

Skip the strong scents.
Perfumes can trigger allergies for other students. Yoga also sharpens the senses, meaning that scents can be very distracting during practice.

Clean your space.
Wipe up any sweat from the floor and put props back in their proper place after class. We have disinfecting sprays and small towels by the door, so you can clean your area and your mat. 

Be a part of our community

We are not just a studio that offers yoga classes (but don't worry you can also just come for the classes!), we are a community of yogis who care about and support our shared space and practice. Join our yoga community by signing up through our membership system ForeningLet. Read how, here, follow us on social media here or sign up for the newsletter here.

Our union is an open “forening”, where everybody is welcome to join the board meetings, help shape the studio and pitch in with ideas for events and workshops. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have an idea.



Find our annual report here:


Kula is a sanskrit word for "community" or “tribe.”
It's often used to descibe the inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated throughyogis coming together to practice yoga.


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